Rolleston Drycleaning & Laundry
Personalised pick up and drop off service of your laundry or drycleaning order

Understandably, some of us may not have the time or ability to drop off and pick up our garments from the drycleaners on a regular basis.

Sometimes the hassle of getting in your car, driving through traffic and finding parking is enough to avoid getting out of the house altogether – let alone getting your garments cleaned.

And at some stages of life it’s just not that easy to get up and get the washing done.

Luckily, we will bring our service to you!

We offer our pick up and drop off service for both full dry cleaning and a laundry service of a wash, dry and fold.

Fill out our form below to arrange the pick up of your garments, or alternatively call us on 03 347 7601

Only $5 to have your laundry or clothing picked up or delivered!

As long as you are in our main delivery route, it’s only an additional $5 (on top of the drycleaning price) to have your garments picked up, serviced and delivered straight to you door.

(03) 347 7601