We are a group of like-minded business owners wanting to help you with business networking and referrals from Rolleston, in the heart of Selwyn.

Do you want to grow your business and get more business?
Do you feel lonely in your business and need advice or to bounce ideas around?
Do you want to leverage experience, knowledge and advice from our professional members?
Do you simply want to get more referrals?
Do you want to mentor?

Looking for business networking group referrals?
Looking to network with like-minded business people who you can help you with your day-to-day activities? 
Decompressing, venting, a forum or sounding board – whatever you want to call it – our members will see solutions that are hidden in plain sight. Maybe you’ll answer your own questions once you hear yourself out loud. You’ll do our members the same favour in return. We don't limit it to just a few people – we make it a large circle, and make it social. SBG is a contemporary, rotating, casual advisory board. We are social too where refreshments and great food bring businesses closer together for the benefit of all.